Preserving the Minutes

I’m starting (in three minutes) to treasure bedtime moments.  I’m going to make it a zen experience… the brushing of the teeth, the taking of any medications, the turning back of my sheets and blankets, the sliding in beside the human being I’m sharing my life with, my husband.

Now it’s many days and weeks later, and I’m preserving minutes at the library, allowing the soft sound of my fingers on the keys, a clearing of someone’s throat, the hum of the air conditioning, and the gentle presence of a library table neighbor to satisfy me here and now.  Halloween pencils await sharpening at my side, along with pumpkin and mummy erasers.  The influence of a book, Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog, also softens the edges of today’s experience of living.  A second book, by Wayne Dyer, suggests ways to be inspired.  One of these ways is to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, and my purpose in becoming aligned with it.  It will follow that negative emotions do not serve this purpose.  They are to be laughed at.  I recall my ghost heron (captured in the image below) as a good visual of the quiet presence of the Holy Spirit.


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