Ooops, I Don’t Like the New Theme

Friends, sometimes we’re going to make new choices that don’t turn out so well.  For instance, I decided to try this new theme from WordPress that would feature my photographs … I’m an amateur at photography, but I take some good shots sometimes, and I thought, “Well, how fun!”  So I tried it, and I hate it.  Let me rush to say, though, that the reason I hate it is that my page is now populated with images that other people took, that are generally unrelated, and that are not visually impressive.  They seemed to work just fine when I originally posted them, within the context of a written theme, but now they just really don’t make much sense. 

So why haven’t I changed the theme yet?  Because I’m going to put up a couple of my photos, if I can even find any on this new laptop, and see if I change my mind before I flip-flop on the new theme.  Secondly, because it gives me a chance to write about trying new ideas and making mistakes along the way… which is how we learn.

Now, let me see if I can find a decent photo of mine.

Footnote:  I couldn’t find one of my pretty photos (because this is a newish laptop, and all my good stuff was on the old one … shame on me.)  I think there’s a server somewhere with my photos on it.  Then I searched the themes for a new one and came up with this one, for now.  So what you are seeing is probably not the one you thought I was writing about.  How do you like this one?


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