10 a.m. Musical Inspiration for the Work Day

Here we are, folks.  We’ve got Tuesday morning down on the mat, holding him down by one ear.  Our hold is loosening, so we’d better get some gumption from somewhere!

I just noticed a tweet about musician Jonathon Davis, who says he doesn’t like flowers in his music .. he likes guts and pain.  Well, there you are, dear co-workers of the world.  Work, for some of us, isn’t about flowers.  It’s about smashing the opponent.  Plus, you’ve got to love a band called “Infected Mushroom.”  LOL. 


Okay, I know that was a little much for some of us, so let’s roll it on back to some years ago, where the crying came in black and white.  I had a little cry in my office yesterday, actually… so if you need one, don’t feel bad.  Just keep some tissue handy and drag in some unsuspecting colleague to lend support if you can.  The best he or she can do for you, really, is to say there ain’t no use in cryin.
Just keep your inner eye on the money.
No, that isn't me.

I think that's Lil Wayne.


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