6 a.m. Caruso

It’s time to start getting ready for the work day.  I’ve got Enriquo Caruso here with me to inspire me.


The Magnificent

This will get you going in the a.m.!


A Breakfast Guest

Showering with Bach

Actually, I’ve got Caruso and J.S. Bach here in my living room — a provocative combination.  Here’s a taste of what’s going on now.  I had violins in my head during my morning shower, which probably helped to lead me to do something else new… exfoliate the derriere.  A quick couple of minutes, and ta da… a smoother hiney.  Out of the shower, spray on my Stress Relief Body Mist, Eucalyptus Spearmint, wrap a towel around me, and listen to the sounds of the dripping shower and the slight hum of the heater.  Otherwise, beautiful silence here for a minute before I dive into some more music.

Le’t’s go witha Mangue Beat Manifesto…


My friend just called with an emergency request for me to get her kids to school, so this has got to be a time-cruncher.  To the dryer we go for some fresh clothes.


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