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Wintertime, and the Living isn’t Easy

Wait.  It’s not officially winter yet, right?  So make the phrasing work… you get the idea.

I’m reading The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Book, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The book was a gift from a student, who told me, “You made me believe in my writing.”  I’m paraphrasing her, but it was something like that.  What a kindness… not just the book, which is fabulous, but the appreciation expressed by a student.

"a practical guide to personal freedom"
“You are dreaming with the brain awake” (Don Miguel Ruiz)

I’m getting tired, dear readers.  It’s Tuesday, which means it’s my longest workday (five classes, in total … teaching, that is, not attending) —although I have to attend to teach — sort of.  I can always transport myself in a dream state, if I really have to.  LOL.  It’s 5 p.m. or so, I’ve had Chik-fil-A for dinner; I recommend the spicy wrap, and I have class again in forty minutes.  So the positive change that I’m squeezing in right now is reading from The Four Agreements.

You’ve got ten minutes, right?  Read something inspiring. 
“Every letter, every word in each language is an agreement.”
That’s strong stuff, friends.  We better use language carefully.

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Ooops, I Don’t Like the New Theme

Friends, sometimes we’re going to make new choices that don’t turn out so well.  For instance, I decided to try this new theme from WordPress that would feature my photographs … I’m an amateur at photography, but I take some good shots sometimes, and I thought, “Well, how fun!”  So I tried it, and I hate it.  Let me rush to say, though, that the reason I hate it is that my page is now populated with images that other people took, that are generally unrelated, and that are not visually impressive.  They seemed to work just fine when I originally posted them, within the context of a written theme, but now they just really don’t make much sense. 

So why haven’t I changed the theme yet?  Because I’m going to put up a couple of my photos, if I can even find any on this new laptop, and see if I change my mind before I flip-flop on the new theme.  Secondly, because it gives me a chance to write about trying new ideas and making mistakes along the way… which is how we learn.

Now, let me see if I can find a decent photo of mine.

Footnote:  I couldn’t find one of my pretty photos (because this is a newish laptop, and all my good stuff was on the old one … shame on me.)  I think there’s a server somewhere with my photos on it.  Then I searched the themes for a new one and came up with this one, for now.  So what you are seeing is probably not the one you thought I was writing about.  How do you like this one?

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10 a.m. Musical Inspiration for the Work Day

Here we are, folks.  We’ve got Tuesday morning down on the mat, holding him down by one ear.  Our hold is loosening, so we’d better get some gumption from somewhere!

I just noticed a tweet about musician Jonathon Davis, who says he doesn’t like flowers in his music .. he likes guts and pain.  Well, there you are, dear co-workers of the world.  Work, for some of us, isn’t about flowers.  It’s about smashing the opponent.  Plus, you’ve got to love a band called “Infected Mushroom.”  LOL.

Okay, I know that was a little much for some of us, so let’s roll it on back to some years ago, where the crying came in black and white.  I had a little cry in my office yesterday, actually… so if you need one, don’t feel bad.  Just keep some tissue handy and drag in some unsuspecting colleague to lend support if you can.  The best he or she can do for you, really, is to say there ain’t no use in cryin.
Just keep your inner eye on the money.
No, that isn't me.

I think that's Lil Wayne.


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Cleaning House? Start with the Floor

I made an investment in a steam mop a few months ago, and my husband and I agree it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.  For one thing, I like steam cleaning the floors.  I love the sound of the steam, the heat, the awareness that there is not a germ that is going to survive my relentless Napoleonic swoop of the kitchen floor.  It even smells good.  Once the floors start looking clean, I start feeling happy and energized about cleaning off the kitchen table, picking up the dirty clothes, doing the laundry, etc.  I’m on it now.

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6 a.m. Brazilian Soul Music

Good morning, positive change seekers!  It’s a great time to learn about music.

I’m learning about the songs of Dorival Caymmi from 1959, at the moment “Caymmi e seu violao,” described by Tom Moon as a “solo voice-and-guitar masterpiece” that celebrates “man’s deep connection to the sea” (153).

Have a listen:

This is Caymmi.

"swaying, simple melodies"
“hanging around the shoreline forever” (Tom Moon)

Secondly, I’m getting into a “comic opera with elaborate underwear,” as described by Tom Moon.

Here’s “Le roi malgre’ lui” by Emmanuel Chabrier.
Next, street music of the 21st century, featuring “Clandestino,” by Manu Chao.
Oh, and how about good ol’ Ray Charles?  Was it something I said?
That lucky ol’ sun is about to come up.  Let’s make it a great day.  Make one positive change.

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It’s getting cold in here

It’s getting cold in here.

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6 a.m. Caruso

It’s time to start getting ready for the work day.  I’ve got Enriquo Caruso here with me to inspire me.

The Magnificent

This will get you going in the a.m.!

A Breakfast Guest

Showering with Bach

Actually, I’ve got Caruso and J.S. Bach here in my living room — a provocative combination.  Here’s a taste of what’s going on now.  I had violins in my head during my morning shower, which probably helped to lead me to do something else new… exfoliate the derriere.  A quick couple of minutes, and ta da… a smoother hiney.  Out of the shower, spray on my Stress Relief Body Mist, Eucalyptus Spearmint, wrap a towel around me, and listen to the sounds of the dripping shower and the slight hum of the heater.  Otherwise, beautiful silence here for a minute before I dive into some more music.

Le’t’s go witha Mangue Beat Manifesto…

My friend just called with an emergency request for me to get her kids to school, so this has got to be a time-cruncher.  To the dryer we go for some fresh clothes.


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